Siren Craft Brew

Beer Labels

The brief was to design three labels for Siren Craft Brew under these three headings: Uncle Zester,
Liquid Monstrous and Bones of a Sailor Part Three. My idea was to create a 3D effect on the labels
using a red and blue colour. The characters on each label would split into their single form when you put on the 3D
glasses, highlighting either the bones of the sailor, or just the sailor, the tale of the mermaid, or just the naked
woman, or the honeycomb head of the scuba diver, or just the scuba diver.This version is a flat graphic illustration, but this 3D concept
could be properly applied to the labels if they were to be sold in shops; a small interactive element I think everyone could have fun with.


Siren Craft Brew Labels




Siren Craft Brew Poster Beer Bottles


Siren Craft Brew Poster Comic





Collin’s Butchers Wexford

Sausage Packaging

Toulus and Venison Sausages.
These two types of sausages are to be sold as a luxury food products
and so require packaging that not only reflects this luxury, but also the quality
of Collin’s family butcher tradition.