Book Binding

Paper Moon

The brief was to choose a play from The DublinTheatre Festival and create a hand bound brochure
for that particular performance.I chose ‘Paper Moon’.My idea was to create a tunnel book and illustrate
the story through images, each image on its own separate slide. The end result was a crescent moon
you could look through and see a scene of clouds, a window, curtains and then finally the little boy
and his teddy.I also created a small brochure. This included a small summary of the play, date,
time and venue. On the opposite side I illustrated the tunnel scene in reverse. This was designed to
be a poster, one that a child could, perhaps stick on their wall.
The whole book was bound using the Japanese book binding technique.

Tunnel Book Paper Moon Book Binding Pop Up BookPaper Moon Bokk Binding Paper Craft


Five slides used to create tunnel book Paper Moon Slides

Brochure front & backPaper Moon Brochure Red Green





Paper Cut Stamp

Ingmar Bergman

This assignment involved creating a commemorative stamp collection for
2018. It was to be based on the centenary of key births, deaths and events in the year 1918.
The image had to be paper crafted before being photographed and reduced to a smaller size.
I chose to base my stamp on Ingmar Bergman.

paper stamp