The Little Museum of Dublin


This award-winning museum tells the story of the Irish capital
and captures the history of modern Dublin like no other. Are task was to design a logo for it.
From all the historic things I could think off in Dublin, it was the old street lamps you still find
around the city that caught my attention the most.Those that had the round ornate circle looked
so beautiful silhouetted against the sky.

At night, they light the streets, and show you
the history of modern Dublin.



the little museum dublin logo


the little museum dublin branding





Personal Branding


I love shadows and shapes, strong black and white contrasted photos and bold block colours.
I wanted to express all of this plus a strong/creative personality, that would be both memorable
and visually appealing to the eye. I devloped my mark even further and started
to form a pattern out of my shaped name. Suddenly I had this motive of ‘Aoife’ shaped
shapes that could have also been used as a form of branding over a range of different platforms.


Aoife Henkes Identity Logo Layout


Aoife Shapes Pattern